The Italian justice finally recognized we were right….


Precautionary Measures granted to IKOI against TERA AUTOMATION

"The President of the Division of the Court of Florence dealing with companies matters and unfair competition, on July 25th , 2017 -

has granted to IKOI

the precautionary measure that was applied for against Tera Automation srl and therefore confirming the reasons submitted by IKOI

The order, which is immediately enforceable, authorises IKOI to proceed with the seizure - pursuant to section 129 of the Industrial Property Code - of all the BULLION line plants/kilns used for the production of ingots, manufactured and sold by TERA AUTOMATION SRL infringing or that interfere with the rights protected by IKOI’s patent.

According to the order of the Court of Florence, IKOI is authorized to enforce the seizure both at the premises of the head office of TERA AUTOMATION Srl or at the premises of any other subsidiary, warehouse and deposit, or at the premises of any dealer where these machines are being sold.

The Judge has accepted our claims in full also on the basis that the court-appointed expert’s report confirmed the validity of the IKOI patent and breach of said patent by Tera Automation Srl."


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