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Casted bars

The process of making Casted Bars begins with a process called gold refining or silver refining.
The metal which goes to the refining plant comes from gold mining and silver mining and they are in the form of dorè ingots. Otherwise the raw material is in the form of gold scraps coming from jewellery, goldsmith, silversmith or photographic and electonical components production.

The raw material is refined in 2 different ways: either with the Aqua Regia method or with the Electrolytic Refining.
The assay process is the second step and it’s done to establish the fineness of the recovered metal, then the refined gold or refined silver is melted into gold granules or silver granules. The granules gets stocked and they will be used according to the orders.

The gold grains or the silver grains are dried and weighted according to the size of the bars to be made. There are 2 different technolgies to produce casted gold bars: the Traditional Pouring Technolgy and the "Flameless Tunnel®" Technology.
When the casted bars are made, and after a weight check the logo, then the fineness, the weight and the serial number are printed on the bars.

The most common sizes of the casted bars are the following:
- 50 g (grams)
- 100 g
- 10 tolas
- 5 taels
- 250 g
- 500 g
- 1000 g (1 kg) (also called Kilobar)
- 100 oz (ounces troy)
- 3000 g (3 kg)
- 5000 g (5 kg)

The packaging is the last step of the process and it’s done to protect the bars from scretches and to guarantee security and authenticity of the final product.

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