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Chain making

The Chain making cycle begins with fine metal and the alloy which are placed together into a pre-melting furnace.
Then the liquid metal (fine + alloy) goes into a continuos casting furnace where it starts solidyfing (as thick wire) as it exits from a graphite die at the bottom.
The wire gets reduced in diameter as it goes trough the trains of roll. As the diameter gets smaller the metal itself hardens so it’s necessary to do some annealing deoxydating steps into a static annealing furnace.
The wire reaches its final size after going trough some diamond dies in the drawing machine, at this stage it’s necessary to do a final annealing step only possbile in the continuos annealing furnace because the gauge of the wire it’s very small.
The wire goes trough the chain making machine to become chain, after this stage it’s necessary to do the soldering process which includes the powder coating into the tumblers and the links soldering which is done into the soldering furnace.
At this stage the chain is firmly soldered and after some cleaning it can go for any type of hammering or diamond cutting process.

  • Production process

  • Premelting furnace

  • Continuos casting furnace

  • Rolling Mill for wire

  • Static annealing furnace

  • Continous annealling furnace

  • Bench drawing machine for wire

  • Chain making machine

  • Powder coating tumbler and bundle drier

  • Winding Machine

  • Soldering oven

  • Tumblers and Ultrasonic

  • Dryer

  • Hammering Machine

  • Diamond cutting machine or Ice Lathe

  • Hydrogen and Oxygen generator (H2+O2)

  • Nitrogen generator (N2)

  • Chiller units