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Wedding bands

The production of Weddings Bands begins with Tube from melting.
Fine metal and the alloy which are placed together into a pre-melting furnace.

Then the liquified metal (fine + alloy) goes into a continuos casting furnace where it starts solidyfing (as thick tube) as it exits from a graphite die at the bottom.

The tube can go for any annealing step into a belt furnace which is equipped in this case for annealing and deoxydation.
If the tube is needed to be smaller in diameter it will go trough a circular hammering machine which works on both side of the tube inside and outside.

After the hammering process the tube has the required hardness to be placed into a CNC machine like PROTEO that works, models and cuts the tube into wedding bands.

  • Production process

  • Static melting furnaces

  • Continous casting furnaces

  • Continous casting furnaces

  • Belt furnace to do the annealing steps during the rolling or drawing process of the tubes

  • Circular Hammering machine

  • CNC PROTEO machine to model the rings according to the design