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IKOI created a new philosophy

The philosophy behind each product is based on a sense for details.
Each IKOI system is a concentrate of technologies, each of which, applied to every single component, reflects its basic philosophy: "its perfection".

Constant testing during all phases of assembly represents an absolute warranty of optimal results for our Clients.

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Wide range of solutions, from small to large systems

IKOI SpA is your tailor-made solution, suited according to the occasion, designed and conceived to perfect fit.
Our engineers individually evaluate each case to give satisfaction to every single client. Systems are always based on client production needs, on eventual growth and adequate solutions.

360° technological comfort, from solutions research to customer service.

Choosing a IKOI SpA system allows our customers to appreciate what we define as “comfort” technology, allowing them to “relax”, since they can count on a solid and trusted partner.

Throughout the years of IKOI SpA systems ownership, clients benefit from a specialized department dedicated in assisting clients with technical issues and spare parts requests, capable of tracing back and eventually recreating the oldest spare parts.

Environment comes first

Large quantities of energy are required to melt precious metals and the work environment are unhealthy.
In recent years, energy saving plans have become fundamental for our systems.
Besides cost containments, special focus was placed on containing energy consumptions and in the healthiness of the workplace, and consequently to the environment.

For many years, we have been committed in finding solutions to get the most out of every source of energy, by limiting pollution thus avoiding waste and setting always more ambitious targets.

Intelligent systems for maximum production throughputs

Materials with 100% yield: every system is studied specifically to achieve that objective.

Latest generation systems now being studied have the objective, for precious metals, of getting the maximum out of energies being used and attention to ergonomics and safety of workers and environment.

Care for details and perfection

Every single component mounted on a IKOI SpA product is as important as the system itself. The technological advancement we witness daily have now reached all sectors and gained spectacular speed.

Our engineers are updated in real-time when it comes to selecting the most reliable and advanced components; components are carefully tested and selected amongst market brands synonymous of warranty and seriousness.
Maximum efficiency is guaranteed from first to last working day.

Made in Italy: ingenuity and flexible vision

Italian ingenuity is envied worldwide. We are ‘genius and recklessness’, from Leonardo da Vinci to Enzo Ferrari, just to name a few. These characteristics are part of IKOI SpA’s DNA and set us at International levels over the last 40 years.
Our ability to interpret our Clients’ needs has allowed us to fine-tune what we define as our “flexible vision”, scientifically exploring the wildest ideas, often hiding genial concepts.