How much technology goes into a IKOI system?

Surely a lot!

Working with precious metals with maximum attention is for us a continuous source of research.

Our systems are the perfect combination of countless details that allow our clients to reap the most out of each phase of production.

What does IKOI stand for?

IKOI is the leader Company in the melting, heating and chemical treatment in the precious metals market, where it has been able to evolve and research in its own technologies the turning point to become full title a reference point for its Customers.

Technology has grown over the years, and now we have reached some important landmarks.

Thanks to a prestigious and equipped Research and Development department, our Company provides its customers with the wealth of experience result of continuous collaborations with research Institutions and prestigious Universities, such as CNR, University of Padua “Section of Metallurgy” and International Research Centers.

Flagship of the Company are the continue process for Gold and Silver bars production FLAMELESS TUNNEL® (LBMA Approved), process for the production of investment casted bars and minted coins and ingots Good delivery bars according to the Customers specifications and patented by IKOI.

Recently our Company become a Multinational Company and it has structured to this growth.

Moreover, we have intensified relations and business cooperation with Organizations and Associations leader in the investment precious metals field, such as: London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) , International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) – that bring together the most distinguished actors of the gold and silver markets, the World Gold Council (WGC), Bankers, Miners and other major financial and politic experts in the field.

IKOI created a new philosophy.

The philosophy behind each product is based on a sense for details.
Each IKOI system is a concentrate of technologies , each of which, applied to every single component, reflects its basic philosophy: “its perfection”.
Constant testing during all phases of assembly represents an absolute warranty of optimal results for our clients.

Famous for its quality and technology.

Today’s systems are unequaled in terms of quality and engineering know-how.

We set new benchmarks for production capacity , safety and maximum yield.

A lifetime hands-on experience with precious metals.

Not afraid of precious metals. Quite the contrary! We are able to evaluate their finest details.
Giovanni Faoro, Sole Director of the Company, has been working since 1977 in the melting, heat and chemical treatments of the precious metals. He is the owner of numerous patents in this field.

Technical personnel is the base of the know-how of the Company: chemical, metallurgist and electronic engineers with decades of experience reached in the precious metals field.

Considering the global economic importance of gold , every single molecule is valuable. The precious metals sector must therefore be optimized.

Client expects 100% satisfaction.

IKOI systems buyers receive the best technology available on the market today.

Every client, when investing in our technology, must be sure to satisfy all expectations.

Our technology for you.

Technology boxed in a product is not “all”. An IKOI system also includes components that can be updated with the latest technologies, guaranteeing best performance.

Client care and attention.

Yes, courtesy is a must towards clients.
Our main goal: give our clients the best possible assistance and custom solutions for their systems.
Important we know our clients, establishing constant dialogue, so we can carefully tune into their needs, their questions and suggestions.

The story continues. You’re part of it.

Each and every component that make up your system, from the main computer right down to the last bolt, testify the passion and experience of our own personnel and their motivation in improving each day.

We are proud of sharing this passion with you.

Thank You